Start/Stop Service

Are you planning to build, install, upgrade or relocate a service? Do you need power poles or lines?  Please visit our New Construction page for additional information.

Start New Service/Become a Member

Ready to get started? Gather the following information and then fill out the appropriate forms.

  • Valid Identification (i.e., driver’s license, passport, military)
  • Your Social Security Number or Tax ID
  • Your date of birth
  • Physical address or meter number


Please complete a Residential Application for Connect and contact Member Services at (907) 452-1151. If you would like to have a joint member on your account please fill out a Request for Joint Membership form.

Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) will run a soft credit check to help determine if a security deposit is required for a new member or any member who has not had electric service with GVEA within the last 2 years. Please see GVEA’s Deposit and Fees page for additional information.


In addition to completing a Business Membership Application, you will also need to complete and provide the following items:

*A minimum security deposit will be assessed at the time a new account is created. This requirement can be waived, if you can provide a letter of credit from your previous electric utility company in which you had a minimum of 12 months of service history within the last 2 years.

Are You a Landlord or Property Manager?

A landlord/property manager wishing to have their electric service put back into their name once a tenant schedules a disconnect will need to fill out an Automatic Continuance of Electric Service Between Tenants (PDF), commonly referred to as a Between Tenant Agreement (BTA). This will ensure no interruption of service between tenants and no connect fees.

If a tenant falls delinquent, the active BTA holder will receive an “Option to Subscribe for Service” notice. If the landlord/property manager does not subscribe or no payment is made prior to the date declared in the Notice, electric service will be disconnected.

A landlord/property manager can cancel a BTA at any time by completing a Between Tenant Agreement Cancellation form (PDF).